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We Shape the Future of Phosphate In Egypt 

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About Us

Misr Phosphate is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company ( The share holders are : National Investment Bank, Egyptian Mineral Resource Authority, Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and Ganoub AlWadi holding co. ) was established on 20th of October 2009. Misr Phosphate is a market leader company that produces phosphate rock in Egypt with production capacity 10 Millions tons a year, aiming to double our production. Misr Phosphate is considered one of the major key players world wide in that concern. The significance of Misr Phosphate as a phosphate producer that our products and services meet the needs of our clients. Misr Phosphate has been awarded Quality Management System certificate ( ISO 9001: 2015), an internationally recognized standard that ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system. We are recognized as a mining company which excels in its management of social and environmental issues. We are moving towards achieving integrated management system.
ElWady for phosphate industries and fertilizers company (WAPHCO):
WAPHCO is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company which was established on May 2017, the main role of WAPHCO is to produce phosphoric acid 54% using the phosphate ore of Abu Tartour Plateau through a special technology. And compound fertilizers.
Egyptian Marketing Company for Phosphate and Fertilizers ( EMPHCO) :
EMPHCO is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company was established on October 2018 The main role of the company comprises Marketing, selling and exporting phosphate ore to the international Market on behalf of Egyptian phosphate producers.
Misr phosphate is a shareholder in both WAFCO and EMPHCO.

To be the world's premier Phosphate production company, renowned for setting higher standards of excellence in what we do.

We develop and produce phosphate . While doing so, we relentlessly seek to achieve higher standards of excellence.

As a result, we are able to contribute in maximizing value creation for its stakeholders.

y: ​​We protect our people by upholding the highest standards for safety behaviors. We protect our assets and the environment by being compliant and aware of our impact.​​​

High-performance culture:​​​​ We foster a culture of learning, continuous development, and innovation. We remove all roadblocks to the success of our people by creating a working environment that brings out their very best.

Excellence:​​ ​We strive for excellence in all business aspects. We push ourselves to achieve more, and in doing so, we bring our vision to life.​​

Customer focus:​​ We commit to offering high-quality products and services to our customers. We continually devise new ways to improve our offering to customers, and we adapt to meet their changing needs.

Integrity: We do business in an ethical and transparent manner and always consider that the actions of each individual reflect on the company as a whole.

Chairman Message

The history of Phosphate industry in Egypt is a unique story of success for the country and it’s people. In just over three decades. Egypt has managed to transform itself from a small phosphate ore producer to one of the world’s largest producers with a production capacity of 10 Million Tons per year.
Misr Phosphate has played a significant role in this transformation since its establishment in 2009. It has pioneered the phosphate production in Egypt.
As Chairman of the Board, I am pleased to note that the long list of achievements by Misr Phosphate were not possible without adhering to the highest safety and environmental standards. The employees of Misr Phosphate are very proud of what has been accomplished in such a short period of time.
We remain committed to safety in our operations and mitigating our environmental impact, as well as enhancing the reliability and efficiency of our production facilities, and maintaining our high level of operational excellence and flawless project delivery. 

Khaled El Ghazaly

Misr Phosphate Chairman



Abu Tartour

Abou Tratour Plateau lies 50 KM west of Kharga City, the capital of the New Valley Governorate in the southwestern Egypt.
The Plateau is perfectly connected to the urban through a first class network of a heavy load asphaltic road.
The distance between the airport and the mine is 45 minutes.
The phosphate extracted from Abou Tartour mine is of grades ranging from 24-31% P2O5 and considered to be ideal for the production of TSP, SSP, NPK, DAP, MAP Fertilizers
and direct application.
Also ideal for the production of Phosphoric Acid after using special treatment.
It also exhibits significantly low toxic components As, Cd, Pb, Cr and Hg.
The area of Abu Tartour Plateau is about 1200 km2, which has a reserve of more than 5 billion tons of phosphate rock at all of Abu Tartour Plateau.
Full analysis sheets are attached for all grades.


Nile Valley Mines (Sebaiea Mines):

The phosphate extracted from Seba’ya mine is of grades ranging from 24 -30% P2O5 and considered to be ideal for production of phosphoric acid, TSP and SSP.
Sebaiea mine is considered the most important mine economically in the Nile Valley region with more than 70% of the Nile Valley region reserves more than 500 Million MT.
Full analysis sheets are attached for all grades.


Red Sea Mines

The Red Sea Mines stretches along the coast of the Red Sea West wards between two major cities Safaga and Qussier. The phosphate extracted from Red Sea mines is of grades ranging from 25-32% P2O5 and can reach in some parts of the mine to 33% Those grades makes Red Sea Mines ideal for the production of Phosphoric and all types of fertilizers.
Full analysis sheets are attached for all grades.


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Misr Phosphate
WE Shape the Future of Phosphate in Egypt 

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